A Symphony of Solutions Improving the Employee Engagement Experience

A fully integrated employee engagement platform focusing on the employee experience through the power of employee referral, employee recognition, sales incentives, and employee safety and wellness programs.

Employee Engagement Incentive Software

A comprehensive employee engagement solution for today’s multi-generational workforce.

Employee recognition, employee referral, sales incentives, and employee safety and wellness modules integrated into a single talent management platform.

Employee Referral Programs


  • Increase employee appreciation
  • Improve employee performance
  • Build a culture of employee recognition
Employee Recognition and Appreciation Software


  • Increase employee retention
  • Improve new hire quality
  • Build a culture of employee engagement
Sales Incentive Software


  • Increase sales force engagement
  • Improve employee performance with the right motivators
Employee Safety Health and Wellness Programs


  • Reduce employee absenteeism
  • Lower health care costs
  • Improve workplace safety

An Orchestra of Incredible Features

One Complete Package


Improve engagement with amazing employee incentive awards. Develop employee relationships with peers and managers. Reward employees immediately for their achievements.


Employees are your best tool for talent acquisition. Improve the quality of new hires, extend length of employment. It's simple, employees enjoy working with friends.

  Years of Service

Celebrate employee loyalty with Years of Service rewards and recognition. Set automated reminders and be prepared for employee anniversaries. Allow comments from peers for a job well done.


Performance relies on knowledge. Keep employees up to date on new products, policies and training. Employees earn points for studying and passing training quizzes. Run consistent training promotions that are specific to your business.


Collect anonymous data from your team while responding to employee feedback to ensure your program's success. Customize question and response options as well as employee participation.

  On the Spot Rewards

Gain participant mind-share by incorporating informal recognition, reinforcing positive behaviors, as they occur.

  Extensive Rewards Catalog

Employee engagement relies on the right motivators. Employees earn points redeemable for the hottest, most relevant products and experiences. Customized catalog design ensures rewards employees want most.


Take your employee incentives program with you wherever you go. A completely mobile experience makes recognizing and rewarding a click away. Employees can redeem points anytime and anywhere.

  Social Sharing

Our social activity feed makes it possible to identify recognitions as they happen. Employees can comment on recognitions as well as share recognitions, promotions and redemptions to their favorite social networks.

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Engagement and Incentive Management Software

Our technology is your competitive advantage.

Introducing Perks WW Enterprise Engagement Engine®, E3. Multiple incentive modules include employee referrals, employee recognition, sales incentives and health and wellness. Programs can be customized to match your company's needs now and in the long run. Users can enjoy a mobile and social user experience that they can take with them and share with friends. A complete analytics suite that measures program performance and effectiveness is at the heart of E3 providing critical information that enables you to get the most out of your program.

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