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Point Based Rewards to Retain Panelist

Retain and Motivate your Research Panelists

Do you have people doing research that benefits your company? Why not reward them for their valuable insights and enlist their unwavering loyalty in the process? It may sound like a daunting task, but here at Perks WW we offer a solution that enables market research companies to reward research panelists anywhere in the world. That’s right. Anywhere.

Using our global platform, we can deliver relevant and meaningful merchandise directly from your customized catalogue to any destination where your panelists reside. When you set up a Perks WW program for research rewards, the end result is simple: happy, engaged, and loyal panelists.

Research Rewards Incentives

Panelist Rewards Programs

Having research panelists across the globe means you have to reward differently. Keeping your research panelists engaged and motivated is a critical component for your business’s overall success, so the ability to offer a customized, regional selection of research rewards that motivate in a timely and cost effective manner is key. It also happens to be our business. When you start a Perks WW program for your research rewards you need only determine the awards levels within the program; we handle the rest.

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