Consumer Loyalty that Rocks! From the Rewards Up

With a focus on customer acquisition, customer retention programs, and consumer loyalty programs, our expertise includes creating and sourcing new leisure and lifestyle rewards / incentives and promotional partners for your customer engagement programs.

Consumer Loyalty Engagement Software

We work with brands to create fresh consumer loyalty programs that engage through targeted customer rewards, communication and engagement strategies.

Increase Consumer Loyalty with Engagement

Consumer Loyalty Programs

We are consumer loyalty specialists, supporting clients in their unique approach to consumer loyalty programs, customer acquisition, consumer rewards and customer retention programs. We do this by developing highly relevant incentives and tactical or long-term programs that engage with consumers through their various passion points.

Points Based Rewards to Motivate Your Panelists

Research Rewards

The Perks WW research panelist reward solution includes catalogs from over 140 countries and in 14 languages, an integrated fraud detection module, and customer care with features that include a dashboard of issued tickets, real time tracking, and simple reporting.

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Customer Acquisition

Casting a wide net for new customers is no longer good enough; your organization needs to attract the right new customer. Perks’ customer acquisition team, backed by our Enterprise Engagement Engine®, will help your organization attract customers who will convert into brand advocates.