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Program Design and Strategy

Subject matter experts provide best-practice insights based on decades of experience

System integration support

Development and design of program promotions and guidelines

Partner adoption and user migration strategy

Partner Loyalty Profiling and Capacity Planning

Analysis and identification of the right mix and quantity of partners you need to achieve your goals

Participant Support

Globally reliable in-region partner and participant support network

Insights that help optimize your program and improve partner experience

Claim Audits

Claim audits and help desk response analysis to ensure compliance with organizational support standards

Marketing Communications Services

Marketing services work with you to develop and deliver effective communications that partners need for success

Managed Services

Perks WW best-practices approach has been honed through years of experience. Our team will help you discover a competitive advantage through efficient and effective delivery of your channel program and budget, allowing you to reach your go-to-market goals.

Managed Services are multi-dimensional: insights that help optimize your program and improve the partner experience, reliable in-region participant support, claim audit and helpdesk response analysis for accuracy, program and organization governance, and marcom support to develop effective partner communications to drive program success.

The Right Rewards Fulfilled

Customized, regional selection of rewards delivered quickly and cost effectively.

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