Motivate the right partner behavior with the right channel incentives at the right time.

The Perks WW Enterprise Engagement Engine® (E3) Points-Based Incentives module leverages channel data to design and optimize incentive program strategy, tactics, and spending; driving your partner’s teams to take your business further.

Points-Based Channel Incentives

Brush up on points-based incentives best practices to get partners up to speed on the digital experience their customers expect.

Channel partners have different go-to-market plans and approaches.

Your channel incentives need to address your partners’ unique business mechanics, roles, and regions and recognize them for a variety of actions, transactions, and behaviors. Our rewards software is designed to enable you to align individual- and company-level incentives to benefit cross-partner stakeholders in alignment with their business model.

Features and Benefits

Personalized Rewards and SPIFFS

Drive sales, technical, and marketing reps’ engagement with programs that personalize incentives to partner’s user profile, tier and preference.

Integrated Learning and Survey Functionality

Incentivize partners’ teams to get product, sales, and marketing training and accreditation by rewarding successful completion.

Simple to Configure

E3 flexibility empowers you to configure funds, budgets, claims, behaviors, and analytics on a global basis – and configure promotions, enablement, activities, and communications on a local basis.

Intuitive Interface for Partners

E3 delivers a consumer-like experience by simplifying claiming and validation tasks, helping reps be more productive and sell smarter through a dashboard-driven, fully mobile user experience.

Gamification Experience

E3 delivers a partner experience that is actionable, interactive, and gamified – through dashboards, progress bars, social media, and analytics – always letting participants know where they stand on their journey.

News Feed, Surveys, and Communications Center

Encourage dialogue and information sharing for fuller program engagement, not only by the kind of messages exchanged, but by the choice of media and occasions to suit your partners’ preferences.

Lifestyle and Experience Catalog

Offer frequently updated catalog that’s ensures partners find their most wanted and latest trend merchandise, experiences, and gift cards.

Worldwide Offering

Your partners can choose rewards from catalogs across 140 countries and 14 languages.

Comprehensive Reporting

Track trends, activity, budgets, and ROI via a range of administrative and financial reports.

The Right Channel Incentives Fulfilled

Customized, localized selection of rewards delivered quickly and cost effectively.

Our experts are here to help.

Best practice strategy and industry expertise that will increase your channel partner incentive program performance.

Program Design and Strategy

Subject matter experts provide best-practice insights based on decades of experience

System integration support

Development and design of program promotions and guidelines

Partner adoption and user migration strategy

Partner Loyalty Profiling and Capacity Planning

Analysis and identification of the right mix and quantity of partners you need to achieve your goals

Participant Support

Globally reliable in-region partner and participant support network

Insights that help optimize your program and improve partner experience

Claim Audits

Claim audits and help desk response analysis to ensure compliance with organizational support standards

Marketing Communications Services

Marketing services work with you to develop and deliver effective communications that partners need for success

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