Partner Enablement

Empowering Partners for Success

Partner Scorecard

Finally a way to capture all the critical data about all of your partners in minutes and generate sophisticated reports and plans to build partner capabilities. Create detailed partner profiles focusing on partners' sales readiness, market coverage and marketing capabilities.

Rollup Scorecard Reporting

Instant rollup by partner, CAM, region, and super region

Detailed Scores by Category & Topic

Scores broken down by category and topics

Conditional Scorecard for all Partner Types

Ability to configure for multiple types of partners through conditional scorecards

Fully Integrated with

Scorecard results instantly integrated with partner accounts

Determine your partners' go-to-market readiness.

10 Minute Partner Marketing Planner

Partner Marketing Planner and Scorecard

The difference between the success and failure of a channel marketing program often comes down to how well multiple activities can be simultaneously orchestrated to generate sales-worthy opportunities that have strong “close” potential. A partner marketing scorecard can help determine a partner’s eligibility for MDF programs and their ability to meet lead, pipeline, and ROI success metrics.

The Perks WW Channel Marketing Planner is designed to calculate a marketing budget, forecast, and ROI. This tool gives partners the ability to create complete quarterly marketing plans, tactic definitions, lead and revenue forecasts, budgets and a calculated return on investment. Partners can simulate different plans and investment levels to create an optimal marketing mix.

Marketing Planner Features

CAM Dashboard Instant Access to All Partners

One log in gains access to all assigned partner plans

CAM Level Reporting

CAM’s get consolidated plans, performance to plan, and pipeline by partner

Five Minute PPT Performance to Plan QBR

CAM’s create QBR PPT in minutes with their comments

Rollup by Partner, CAM, Region and WW

Full rollup of plans & performance-to-plan

MDF and Co-Op

With changes in the buyer’s journey, channel partners lack the time, money, and experience to run effective marketing campaigns. The Perks WW Channel MDF/Co-Op module enables you to manage strategic Market Development Funds (MDF) or Co-Op funds, automating prior approvals, claims, and payments with complete visibility of marketing activities and expenditures by partner, geography, budget, and product.

Using these tools your organization is able to effectively accommodate regional channel partner incentive program variances, while supporting both accrual and discretionary funding models.

MDF and Co-Op Benefits

  Global program deployment – multi-lingual and multi-currency

  Strategic MDF and Co-Op programs for Cloud and MSP partners

  Flexible program configurations built around the partner’s business model

  Both MDF incentive program and Co-Op funding models are GAAP compliant

  Perks WW Channel is SSAE16 audited to ensure compliant and secure processes and procedures

Partners can increase MDF program effectiveness with the Perks WW Channel Campaign Marketplace

Perks WW Campaign Marketplace

The Cloud has significantly impacted partner profitability and cash flow, making long MDF reimbursements a financial burden for SMB partners who lack the marketing resources to plan and execute effective marketing campaigns.

The Perks WW Channel Campaign Marketplace is an integrated storefront of pre-approved, pre-packaged professional marketing activities for partners that will increase the effectiveness of their MDF program. Channel partners can now easily leverage their MDF to access pre-approved, professionally developed marketing campaigns, streamlining approvals and claims.

  Email, Direct mail, Print, Events, Telesales, SEO, and more.

  Sub-agencies help partners simplify the entire process.

  Marketplace supports all activities funded by MDF and Co-Op.

  Package costs are directly deducted from MDF and Co-Op funds, and/or funded via credit cards.

Channel Payments


Bank account information is verified before sending payments.

Online Statement

Payment details are posted by the program to an online benefit statement.

Global Payments

Payments are dispersed rapidly on a global scale and in your partner’s currency.

Less Confusion

Help-desk calls and partner confusion are reduced.

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