E3 - The Ultimate Incentive Portal

Simplified Channel Incentive Portal Platform

A Modern Channel Incentive Platform

Powered by the latest cloud, social, mobile and data science technologies, Perks WW has set a rapid pace of innovation with six major release per year, and the best partner experience. Perks WW Enterprise Engagement Engine® (E3) comprises multiple incentive modules - Planner, MDF, Co-Op, Marketplace, Deal Registration, Rebates, and Rewards, all seamlessly bound to address our customers’ needs in a way that individual components cannot deliver on their own.

E3 delivers a partner experience that is actionable, interactive and interesting – empowering partners to see their progress in real time – through dashboards, gauges and progress bars.

Partner Ecosystems Incentive Program

Complex Ecosystems Made Easy

Today, partners expect the websites they visit to know them and their interests and to offer up fresh, relevant content. Perks E3 platform delivers a highly personalized partner experience via a three-dimensional hierarchy where suppliers can recreate their entire partner ecosystems, assign roles and regions and create groups.

Once your partner ecosystem is configured on E3, you are able to expose targeted content to different partner tiers, roles and regions. In addition, your channel incentive program can differentiate communication, participating products and services, promotions, benefits and rule structures, providing a partner experience that is intuitive, socially mobile, cloud based and easy-to-use without complicated menus and processes.

Perks Channel Fully Integrated

CRM Integration

E3 is listed on the AppExchange, allowing for a seamless integration with your solution, reducing administration and centralizing data for comprehensive reporting of partner and program performance.

Perks Channel Reporting and Analytics Engine

Powerful Insights and Analytics

Measurement and analytics are your key to tracking, fine-tuning and predicting the success of all your incentive programs. Perks E3 includes a single reporting and analytics engine for comprehensive reporting and analysis across program types.

Global Platforms with Local Roots

The flexibility of E3 empowers suppliers to configure claims, behavior validation, funding and reporting on a global basis and to configure promotional activity, enablement and communications on a local basis. Some of the best performing configurations are 40% global (corporate) and 60% local (business). That is, 60% of the program can be customized around a supplier’s in-country team’s unique and specific needs, which strengthens the local team’s engagement in the program and earns their buy-in and commitment to driving program performance.

Global Channel Incentives with Local Communications

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