Channel incentive programs that give you the competitive advantage.

Perks WW joins the 360insights family!

With combined incentive offerings, our dedicated team of professionals, and broad customer base, our collective efforts will usher in new era of B2B channel partner engagement, CIM automation, and game-changing UX/UI.

E³ is your one stop resource for channel incentives management across your entire portfolio.

The Perks WW Enterprise Engagement Engine® (E3) delivers personalized, easy-to-use, rewarding channel incentive programs that drive business objectives. E3 is a global channel incentives automation platform, built on a single codebase, focused on aligning partner incentives with your buyer’s journey.


Fully configurable, partner marketing enablement solution. Select the components you need the most and add on as your needs evolve.

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E3 Rebates

Simplify rebates and customize promotions. Run multi-promotions for recurrent and concurrent rebates by desired partner tier, go-to-market, geo, persona and much more.

E3 Points-Based Incentives

Influence partner behaviors that move the needle. Points-based engine delivers a personalized rewards experience to users’ role and type.

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Core Features and Benefits

Seamless Codebase

Multiple incentive modules housed within a single codebase provide a holistic experience for your partners and enables security, stability, and low cost of entry.

Pioneering Software

Cloud-based SaaS solution with set-up wizards and three-dimensional hierarchy providing a personalized partner ecosystem, groups, and assigned roles.

Compliant and Integrated

Platform is SOC 2, Type 2 compliant and listed on the AppExchange® for full integration with your Salesforce instance to reduce administration and centralize data.

Unparalleled User Experience

Consistent, modern, and social user experience across any device; with interactive dashboards, progress bars, and communications for best partner engagement.

Global Fulfilment

Global payments in local currencies and rewards delivered in 140 countries and 14 languages. Supported by fraud software and compliant tax and legal alignment.

Cross Platform Analytics and Reporting

Fully integrated cross-application reporting for fuller partner performance visibility to enable better incentive program success.

Single Codebase

Perks WW single codebase is a multiple component, seamlessly bound platform that addresses your needs in a way that individual components cannot deliver on their own. Promotions, Spiffs, MDF, Marketplace, Rebates, and Points-Based Incentives can evolve in tandem; bringing collective business benefits to you and your partners.

Serve up partners a familiar and consistent experience across channel incentive modules, intuitive admin set-up wizard for creation and modification of programs in minutes without IT assistance, a single point of contact across programs for you and your partners, and lower cost of entry via a powerful, regularly upgraded, on-demand platform.

Powerful Insights and Analytics

Measurement and analytics are your key to tracking, fine-tuning and predicting the success of all your incentive programs. All Perks WW channel solutions include a single reporting and analytics engine for comprehensive coverage across channel incentive program types.

Add on partner profiling and capacity planning to identify best partner quantity and mix to achieve desired goals.

Channel Payments


Security is paramount when dealing with financial transactions and payments. E3 Payments is PCI compliant and provides for audit trails, tax compliance, and role-based views to mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

Online Statement

Partners are able to track all of their incentives benefits across incentive program types with click-through details to payment details and the online benefit statement.

Global Payments

End-to-end automation provides the infrastructure for long-term success. Payments are dispersed rapidly on a global scale and in your partner’s currency.

User Experience

Best-in-class supplier payment experience, with global coverage, rich payment method choice, and unparalleled supplier visibility.

The E³ Difference

Seamless: A true single codebase. Security, stability, and low cost of entry plus a holistic partner experience like no other.

Personalized: Custom-fit partner experience. Three-dimensional hierarchy to recreate your partner ecosystem, assign roles, and create groups.

Targeted: Customizable content delivery system. Target by partner tiers, roles, regions, participating partners and more.

Insightful: Single reporting and analytics engine. Comprehensive reporting and analytics across program types.

Flexible: Highly-configurable management. Design claims, behavior validation, funding, and reporting on a global basis; promotional activity, enablement, and communications of a local basis.

Integrated: Listed on the AppExchange®. Full integration, single sign-on access, centralized data for report.

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