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Channel incentives programs that enable companies to transform themselves and engage with their partners in entirely new ways.

Perks WW Channel empowers leading global enterprises with the channel sales and channel marketing management programs they need to produce a competitive advantage through their indirect sales channels. Our solution encompasses the three most critical areas to optimize indirect channel marketing and channel sales performance: marketing enablement, channel incentives management, and global managed services. We provide these services to some of the most influential companies in the world, all backed and supported by years of expertise and our Enterprise Engagement Engine® (E3) technology.

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Channel Incentives in a Single Portal

A Fully Integrated Channel Management Strategy Solution

More than software alone, creating best-in-class channel incentive and loyalty programs requires an orchestration of the right strategy and program design to achieve your go-to-market objectives, as well as the right infrastructure and processes to streamline program administration. The Perks WW E3 platform is a comprehensive solution that allows you to manage all your channel incentives in one place. Get the solutions you need now, then expand as your needs evolve.

Only E3 includes all of these advantages:

Multiple incentive modules seamlessly bound to address customers’ needs

Ease of use and lower cost of ownership via a powerful, on-demand platform

Consistent, modern user experience across any device

An interactive user experience with dashboards, progress bars, social media, and analytics

  Partner Scorecard

Determine your partners' go-to-market readiness. Create detailed partner profiles focusing on partner sales planning, market coverage and marketing capabilities.

  Marketing Planner

Collaborate with partners by setting goals, objectives and expectations. Forecast business performance. Gain an advantage in the channel by aligning your business interests with those of your partners.

  Deal Registration

Increase partner engagement and loyalty while improving visibility into your sales pipeline by incenting your partners for deal registration submission into SFDC. CAM’s may view all deal registration submissions and manage approvals from their mobile devices.

  MDF and Co-Op

Quickly tailor programs to meet the needs of partner segments, geographies or changes in your own go-to-market objective. Our solution is designed to support complex global programs, with features to help marketers track and improve ROI.


Enjoy the convenience of pre-approved / pre-packaged marketing activities through an integrated storefront. Email, direct mail, collateral, events, search engine optimization and more are instantly available. All activities funded by MDF and Co-Op are supported.

  Channel Payments

Send payments to partners globally and in a partner's own currency. Payments are secure and bank accounts are verified before processing. Details of payments are provided in the partner benefit statement.


Distribute funds in real time. Give partners access to their funds when they are ready to invest in marketing activities. Monitor partner-led marketing performance and adjust how funds are distributed across marketing campaigns.


Reward individuals and teams with an assortment of experiences, travel, merchandise and gift cards via a lifestyle rewards catalog that is mobile, social and personalized to each user’s role and partner’s tier.


Design, manage and monitor POS-based and claim-based rebates. Track all accepted agreements, promotional periods and earnings. Keep partners informed about their standing against goals through interactive dashboards and a monthly account statement delivered via e-mail.

Partner Engagement and Channel Incentives Software

Our technology is your competitive advantage.

E3 technology comprises multiple channel incentive modules on a single portal, including a Partner Scorecard, Marketing Planner, MDF, Co-Op, Marketplace, Deal Registration, Rebates, and Rewards, seamlessly bound to addresses our customers' needs in a way individual components cannot deliver on their own.

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Our Channel Incentives Methodology

How Perks WW ensures suppliers improve partner performance

Perks WW has turned years of analysis into an evaluation and design process that we call “The Science of Motivation™”. This process gathers historical data to establish current-state benchmarks, together with predictive analytics to establish future-state benchmarks, in order to define the elements of engagement that best serve the needs of suppliers, and thus the partners who represent them.

This analysis drives the development of a strategic lifecycle roadmap and program design, to increase strategic engagement and bolster channel loyalty. A perfect example of how our methodology can positively impact your channel ecosystem can be found on our approach to the number one issue impacting suppliers and partners today. The misalignment of the partners’ sales process to the digitally connected buyer’s journey.

Perks Channel Methodology

Our Methodology in Action: How Perks WW Ensures Suppliers Improve Partner Performance

Understanding your end-customer buyer’s journey and teaching partners how to engage buyers by aligning their sales cycle to the buyer's journey is vital to the success of your partner in this digitally-connected end-customer environment. Engaging throughout the end- customer’s buying cycle requires a completely different mindset, as buyers now expect B2B suppliers and their partners to be at the right (digital or physical) place, at the right time.

Understanding the Channel Buyer’s Journey

The Buyer's Journey

Today’s buyers control their journey through the buying cycle much more than today’s suppliers and partners control the selling cycle. The internet is providing buyers with enough information to drive them 75% of the way through their journey before their first contact with a supplier or partner. Digitally connected buyers are driving a whole range of behavioral changes between suppliers, partners, and end-customers; especially when dealing with how end-customers obtain information and purchase products.

Understanding the Channel Partner’s Journey

The Partner's Journey

However, the partner’s sales cycle remains the same, an activity based process designed over 10 years ago. This sales process is still designed around activities independent from the buyer’s position in the buying process. It is critical for suppliers to educate partners how to connect with each buyer at each phase of their journey. This is where behavioral incentives make a big difference in helping partners modify their behavior towards proven methodologies designed around the buyer’s journey.

Aligning the Buyer's and Partner’s Journey

Aligning the Journeys

By comparing both journey’s it becomes obvious that there is no alignment between the buyer’s journey and the partner’s sales process. Understanding where buyers are in their journey empowers partners to serve up the content the buyer is looking for to deliver value at the beginning of their journey. Aligning these two paths through an incentive framework that influences the partner’s behavior at each stage of the buyer’s journey is vital to achieve partner performance improvement.

Defining Channel Behaviors to Reinforce

Define Behaviors that Need to be Reinforced

Aligning the two journeys through an incentive framework starts by understanding the three distinct buyer’s scenarios, and mapping the buyer’s phases and stages to observable outcomes. You then segment the partners’ sales cycle into three phases: Enablement, Pre-Sales and Post-Sales and provide the assets and activities to interest the buyer. Mapping the three key phases of the partner sales cycle to behaviors, activities and skills empowers you to modify the partners’ behaviors through incentives.

Aligning Incentives to Partner's Sales-Cycle

Align Behavioral Incentives to Partner's Sales-Cycle

Once you’ve defined those behaviors and activities, you must segment your audience into two groups, for real effective behavior modification: company level behaviors and activities, and individual level behaviors and skills. These segments provide the foundation for the framework and program design, so it’s important that you consider clear objectives and KPI’s associated with these specific behaviors, as all of these should be measurable.

Pairing the Right Incentives to the Right Behaviors

Pairing Company and Individual Behaviors With the Right Incentives

When you are done with tagging company level behaviors and individual level behaviors, we can then overlay the way in which you want to influence those behaviors by applying the right type of incentive program. For individual level incentives, you may want to apply a points based rewards program or spiff. For company level behaviors, MDF, Co-Op, or Rebates may be more appropriate. Pairing company and individual behaviors with the right incentives is key for effectiveness and impact.

Applying the Right Incentive Value for Partner Performance

Applying the Right Incentive Value

And finally apply the benchmark incentive rate – as a percentage of revenue or fixed relevant amount– to be paid for each activity, behavior, or skill needed to align the partner’s sales cycle to the digitally connected buyer.

Today's buyers are 75% of the way through the journey before they reach out to the vendor.

60% of vendors say ease of doing business is their number one partnering priority.

42% of today's manufacturers use more than 50 different channel partners.

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