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E³ is your one stop resource for channel incentives management across your entire portfolio.

The Perks WW Enterprise Engagement Engine® (E3) delivers personalized, easy-to-use, rewarding channel incentive programs that drive business objectives. E3 is a global channel incentives automation platform, built on a single codebase, focused on aligning partner incentives with your buyer’s journey.


Fully configurable, partner marketing enablement solution. Select the components you need the most and add on as your needs evolve.

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E3 Rebates

Simplify rebates and customize promotions. Run multi-promotions for recurrent and concurrent rebates by desired partner tier, go-to-market, geo, persona and much more.

E3 Points-Based Incentives

Influence partner behaviors that move the needle. Points-based engine delivers a personalized rewards experience to users’ role and type.

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The E³ Difference

Seamless: A true single codebase. Security, stability, and low cost of entry plus a holistic partner experience like no other.

Personalized: Custom-fit partner experience. Three-dimensional hierarchy to recreate your partner ecosystem, assign roles, and create groups.

Targeted: Customizable content delivery system. Target by partner tiers, roles, regions, participating partners and more.

Insightful: Single reporting and analytics engine. Comprehensive reporting and analytics across program types.

Flexible: Highly-configurable management. Design claims, behavior validation, funding, and reporting on a global basis; promotional activity, enablement, and communications of a local basis.

Integrated: Listed on the AppExchange®. Full integration, single sign-on access, centralized data for report.

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