Channel incentives programs that enable companies to transform themselves and engage with their partners in entirely new ways.


Market Development Funds

Speed up your go-to-market time, reduce costs, and deliver better insights to stakeholders.


Rebate programs that increase engagement and provide insights.


Motivate the right partner behavior with the right rewards at the right time.

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Research panelist reward solution includes catalogs from over 140 countries and in 14 languages


Research Rewards

Engage research panelists across the globe.

Rewards Fulfillment

Motivate with customized and cost effective rewards.

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360insights and Webinfinity Form Strategic Partnership

The strategic partnership with Webinfinity's ground-breaking ecosystem orchestration technology will enable clients of both companies to benefit from a truly unrivalled ability to manage and motivate relationships with all key ecosystem members.

Incentives simplified.
Loyalty amplified.®

The Perks WW Enterprise Engagement Engine® is the most flexible, modern incentive automation platform on the market, empowering your team to improve engagement with your target audiences while increasing revenue, participation, and loyalty.

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